Even Letters Have Spellings

If you’re like me, you have been taking for granted that letters in the English alphabet are self-spelling. You have been living a lie. It ends today.

When I began to tug at this thread, I felt as if I had taken the red pill from Morpheus, and now I resented him for showing me the true face of a world I had taken for granted. “H,” for example, is spelled “aitch.” Aitch! To further confuse the issue, only consonants have a multi-letter spelling; like an idiot in court, vowels choose to represent themselves.

Although erroneous, my logic made sense: since one cannot use a word in the definition of that same word, why could one use a letter in the spelling of that same letter? I don’t know, but after losing at Boggle when my wife spelled “cee,” I realized that I had to reeducate myself.

Spelling out letters rarely comes up, which has led to inconsistency and confusion; in fact, the spell check in Microsoft Word seems to take issue with “cee,” yet “zee” and that tricky sumbitch “aitch” slide by freely. Merriam-Webster, however, acknowledges all of these spellings, as should you. This way, you may gain the upper hand in Boggle.

2 thoughts on “Even Letters Have Spellings

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