Unicorn Sighting!

“I tried that,” I explained to the Apple technician. “Same result.”

After twenty more minutes of hearing “I tried that,” Robert admitted that I had him stumped. For whatever reason, our Mac Mini server has been killing external hard drives for nearly a year. We’ve tried Western Digitals. We’ve tried G-Drives. We’ve even ventured into Seagate territory, but they all bite the dust when our server tries to save backups to them. USB, Firewire, and even Thunderbolt connections yield the same results. Both Time Machine and Retrospect software have been alternately used, all with the same grim outcome.

Yes, we even relocated the server into a different room; you know, just in case the old server room had high magnetism, extreme temperatures, cursed Native American graveyards underfoot, or any other zany environmental factors that we surely would have noticed before.

“What you have there,” Robert continued, “is a unicorn sighting. I’ve been an Apple technician for nineteen years, and neither I, nor any co-workers I’ve asked, have ever encountered anything like your particular problem.” This was Robert’s tactful way of saying, “That’s not an MP, it’s a YP: your problem.”

While we’re still staggering through different methods to try to isolate the issue, we’re constantly replacing hard drives; and, after the first few times, hard drive manufacturers make obtaining an RMA more difficult. In the meantime, to fund our need for an endless supply of storage devices, we’re considering charging admission for gawkers to come and see our server firsthand, like Daniel Lambert in 1806. It may not be a unicorn, but it’s a world-class oddity. So please, if you have a few dollars to spare, step right up and witness history.

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