Balancing Being a Mommy, Being a Designer, and Working from Home

Michelle's "home" office

Michelle’s “home” office (on a tidy day)

Yes, I am she. I am that insane mom who meticulously decorated her baby’s nursery, then used the same Pantone colors to design his birth announcements. I art directed his first photos, and even designed the cupcake toppers for his first birthday party.

In my defense, I have little choice. Creativity, through art and design, was my first passion in life. Since it shaped who I am, my version of motherhood is naturally design-heavy and art-intensive–as is my career. Being a mother and an employee offers many challenges, and my own balance isn’t always as neat as I strive for it to be; however, looking at life’s changes as opportunities, rather than sacrifices, has helped me simplify things.

Here are a few tips and guidelines I follow as a freelance designer who sometimes works from home. These habits have evolved as my child has grown, and your habits should as well. This flexibility, this willingness to adapt, is the key to achieving balance–not to mention maintaining both sanity and mortgage payments.

1. Create a Routine, then Use it to Your Advantage.

The smartest way to use your time wisely is to incorporate your workflow into your routine. For example, I can get a good number of things done before my son, lil T, wakes up in the morning. It is the perfect time to go through my emails and make a to-do list while I drink my coffee. A little later, nap time is more precious than gold! Besides providing lil T with the rest he needs to grow, I quickly realized that nap time equals work time! I get my best work done when lil T is napping in the room next door, with the faint humming of the humidifier in the background.

2. Planning is Critical.

As I mentioned above, I make a to-do list daily. Planning, including making a schedule and a to-do list, will help every aspect of your day run more smoothly. This could be the most important thing I’ve learned in my year and a half as a mother: we both thrive on routine. This planning, of course, falls into place more easily once you have created the routine we discussed above.

3. Establish a Dedicated Workspace.

When lil T was an infant, I would follow him around with my laptop, even when he was napping. Doing this, I soon learned that both my work and my motherly duties were falling short of their full potential. My husband and I chose to get some help, hiring someone to take care of him during the day. I moved myself back into my office/studio, where my work returned to its original caliber. I can still check in on lil T as often as I need to (he wouldn’t have it any other way), but I can go back to “work mode” with relative ease. Speaking of being in work mode…

4. Get out of Your Pajamas.

I make sure that I always get out of my pajamas, even if I’m simply climbing into sweats. It gets me up and going for the day, and is part of that routine which is so very critical. Psychologically, it helps me separate “relaxed me,” who plays with her son and watches movies with her husband, from “work me,” who has clear-cut agendas and time management skills. Furthermore, when my hubby returns from a long day of work, I don’t look like a greasier version of the same person he left in bed that morning.

5. Take Breaks.

This one is the most difficult for me. I get very focused and often forget breaks, or even lunch; however, occasional breaks can actually increase productivity, and getting mentally acclimated to taking breaks can help you “turn it off” at the end of the day–which is something else that I sometimes find difficult. Thanks to my routine, planning, and workspace, I can get into work mode easily–but getting out of it has proven more challenging. I am still working to be more like my husband in that respect: when he gets home, he is done with work.

6. Enjoy Life’s Sweet Moments.

After all, the reason I’m working from home is so that I can enjoy the life I have made while also staying productive. There is truly nothing better than when lil T pops into my office to make sure I am still home–I usually get the most southern “haaaaay,” or a big hug. These moments are a blessing, and I feel lucky to have the opportunity to watch my little guy grow while I work. I also take the time to make a healthy dinner for my family, so that once we’ve managed to put the day’s work behind us we can enjoy each others’ company.

I may never truly find the perfect balance; however, I feel like I am able to adapt to most situations fairly easily. I thoroughly enjoy working from home and being part of lil T’s life, but I also enjoy the company of coworkers when I commute to work. It also feels good to put a dress on, get a coffee for my commute, and have conversations that don’t include words like “ouchie,” “yucky,” and “poopy.” The adaptability that helps me work productively from home also helps me readjust to working at the office building, and it can also help you thrive in whatever workplace surrounds you.

2 thoughts on “Balancing Being a Mommy, Being a Designer, and Working from Home

  1. I can really relate. I started working part time from home when my daughter was born. I hardly ever feel like it is completely balanced but each day offers a new opportunity to try again 🙂 Have a nice day

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