Birthday Pancakes!

So, this post is for Moms, Dads, and anyone who loves sprinkles (or cooks for someone who loves sprinkles). My husband and I started making these festive breakfast pancakes for our girls a couple of years ago. It has become a birthday tradition in our house, and it’s such a cute way to celebrate before the usual rush to get everyone out the door to school or work!

First, make your pancake batter as usual. Our secret to delicious pancakes: add vanilla extract and melted butter to the batter. When your griddle is hot and ready to go, just pour the batter onto the griddle as usual then immediately add the sprinkles, just like this:

IMG_3317Aren’t they cute and festive?!

Then, simply serve them up in a big stack with either syrup, whipped cream, or frosting!  My girls love them with frosting, of course. Don’t forget the birthday candles!

This is my littlest on her most recent birthday, just about to dig in!


Ciao for now,


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