The Internet is Like The Walking Dead

Every time the cast of The Walking Dead seems to have found a safe haven, it ends up being overrun by zombies. After a lot of shouting, and sweating, and having their clothes slowly turn grey, the survivors must then move on to a new locale with different vulnerabilities; which, eventually, will also be breached, at which point the party will yet again change locations.
In this way, the internet is much like The Walking Dead. Craigslist, for example, which was once a community-based stronghold, became compromised—then overrun—almost overnight. It’s no longer a respectable place to buy a used rug, let alone find anonymous, deviant-yet-safe sex.

Even seemingly impenetrable fortresses, such as Facebook, have their own unlocked doors and unguarded gates. While the structure may still be relatively safe, there are certain things to beware, and certain corridors to avoid.
You’ve probably seen, and possibly even helped, these flesh-eaters invade your cyberspace without even knowing it. The posts that say, “Click ‘like’ if you agree that men should help with chores,” or “like if your tired of fake-azz friendz,” for example, are ruses competing for your attention. The authors of these posts are simply collecting likes. Once they receive enough, they will sell their profile to a business with questionable ethics, whose owners can then boast that they, or their lame photo, has x-number of likes. By playing along, and thinking that cancer was one “like” away from being defeated, you have invited zombies to come break bread at your table. Stop it. If anyone on the internet asks for your opinion, and you don’t already know exactly who they are, stop flattering yourself. They don’t really care what you think. They are simply waiting for you to reach out to them, at which point they will bite your hand. By then it will be too late.

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