How to Type a Copyright (©) Symbol on a Mac or PC

copyrightThere are many atypical characters that your keyboard keeps under wraps; these icons are rarely asked to dance, and instead live in the shadows, often forced to inbreed out of boredom. For simplicity’s sake, let’s focus on one of the most useful “special” characters that, chances are, you’ve wanted to type in the past: the copyright symbol.

If you are a Mac user, typing a copyright symbol is as easy as holding down the Option key while depressing the gee key. Yes, even letters have spellings, and the letter g is spelled gee; however, that’s another blog entirely.

On most PCs, the copyright symbol can be typed by simultaneously holding down both the Control and the Alt keys, and then depressing the cee key.

If the above doesn’t work on your PC, it’s time to upgrade.

In the meantime, however, hold down Alt and then type “0169” using the numeric section of your keyboard. Those snobby, fickle numbers up top won’t help you here, so it’s important that you utilize the numeric section on your keyboard’s right.

Although the above methods are tried and true, if you still encounter problems please feel free to copy and paste from me, your benefactor: ©.

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