Vellum and Photographer Steven Lippman create this stunning black & white campaign for Simmons’ luxury line, Beautyrest Black.

This was one of my favorite projects I have directed here at Vellum. It was a great experience working with Steven; he is always in the moment, and that moment is always changing and being captured beautifully along the way. I look forward to working together again in the future.

Thanks to our wonderful crew, the shoot was flawless…

Credits: Steven Lippman, Photographer;  Kristen Luther, Creative Director;  Jabe Mabrey, Wardrobe Stylist;  Katie Hunt, Prop Stylist;  Stephen Mancuso, Hair & Makeup Artist;  Noah Schutz, Chris Pinel, Andrew Horne, Jeff Wolke, Photo Assistants;  Clint Merrick, Ben Wilcox, JT Hall, Reed Elliott, Stylist/Production Assistants;  Michelle Parker and James Pinkstone, Producers.

Ciao for now,


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