Haute and Happy Hue: Purple Orchid

With the year of Emerald Green in the rearview mirror, we now enter a new year with a Haute hue that exudes happiness: Radiant Orchid. The green of last year symbolized both growth and stability, as we were moving forward cautiously. Conversely, Pantone’s 2014 color, Radiant Orchid, is dramatic, rich, and seductive; the next, vibrant step from the dependable blue that we saw everywhere through last year. Radiant Orchid is a harmony of hot and cool (red and blue) and is not a purple we have seen in the past. This new hue is neither lavender, nor violet, nor lilac; it is an obscure mix with undertones of fuchsia and magenta. This shade of purple evokes a sense of originality and creativity, and is versatile when being used in small doses and specific designs. Radiant Orchard can be used in all types of applications, including make-up, fashion, packaging, product design, and interiors. See our mood board below, inspired by this new, whimsical color.

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